“MY FINAL FOUR”– on hoops and Holy Week

           And I heard him murmur…

                  … Wow!  Who knew it would turn out like this?

Peace be with you!  I mean it!  I don’t write these words or ever say them frivolously…  as for some… these simple words are powerfully needed … as in something’s missing…  as in they know… something’s awry…  as in the mystery of life…  now too, too fragmented… so, to hear the words… ‘peace be with you…’ and may they BE the blessing you oh so need to hear!  OR … perhaps the words a friend of yours desires!  Timing IS everything… some say…


God’s a gamer…

As I write this I recognize I am running out of time… It’s March 30th… My article for The Lifeline goes out on April 1 and that means there’s just one day to finalize the news at New Life Church for April and beyond! And if timing is everything, then I recognize, too, it’s the end of March Madness in NCAA basketball tourney and people are now all about the Final 4!  What a tourney for hoops purists!  Bracket busters did their job in the first two rounds… lots of games-down-to-the-wire… and many have agonized (except, perhaps, the Vegas betters!) there is only one #1 seed in the last weekend … but, now the big event is at hand… with a #1 vs. a # 7 and a #2 vs. a # 8.  Who knew it would turn out like this and maybe that’s why it’s ‘madness’ and  as of right now… God only knows who will win!  So, timing is everything here, too!

And as I recognize I’m running out of time… I recognize that Lent is winding down and so I’m risking here some liturgical, evangelical ‘bracketology’ and picking my FINAL FOUR for the last days of Lent and Holy Week!

The last weekend of Lent rolls into Holy Week and the crescendo there is known as THE GREAT THREE DAYS… but I need to add in a 4th…  so, here are my picks…

     #4 Palm Sunday                                                                     #1 Easter Sunday

   vs.          —–>        Good Friday   vs.    Easter  <——           vs.

            #2 Good Friday                                                                      # 3 Maundy Thursday




 I know this is a good bet!  Palm Sunday brings the hope and humility of God as Jesus rides into Jerusalem to face the powers of the synagogue and the perennial presence of the Roman government.  Good Friday wins. It’s ugly dual. Some will mock. People will cry for sure.  One soldier even changes sides!  Maundy Thursday serves up a whole new attitude as the Passover Supper is transformed into Lord’s Supper and yet the sacrifice of foot washing doesn’t hold up to the power of new life that comes from what is now Easter’s empty tomb!  It seems like forever; but it all happens in a flash!  So, then we have the #1 vs. the #2… the power of evil vs. the power of God!  Some scoff.  Some cheer!  Good Friday seems to have it won… gets out in front and darkness is all around and just when you think Good Friday gets the ‘W’… there’s a final breath… there’s an overtime… and another… and the diligent, over-powering grace and steady presence of the glory of God shows its stuff on the third day… and you knew it would happen… and EASTER WINS!

 And now… the risen Christ says to each of us… “peace be with you… I mean it… let the world know…”



About briangigee

Loves life; lives love! Bud and Doris' eldest son. Descendant of 'refiners' and 'reformers.' Husband to Margo. Father of 5. Grandfather to 4. Brother, uncle, friend and colleague. Working parish pastor. Became a naturalized Texan in February 2013.
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