About Brian

 Brian has been involved in parish ministry over 35 years.  He is a passionate leader in his family, with friends, and in his daily work at New Life Church in Pearland, TX.  He is hopeful and insightful and yet at times, he ‘grumbles.’  This blog offers opportunities to share stories, thoughts and engage in faith conversation about discipleship in the 21st Century.  Pray for him.  Pray for yourself.  Pray for the world.  God listens.  God answers.  God works! God is faithful and Christ’s grace is always enough!  Always; even when he grumbles!

“Jesus is my bee; he comes not to sting; but to bring me honey.”  -St. Bernard


5 Responses to About Brian

  1. Dennis Morrison says:

    Hey Brian, it sure is cold and mostly dark in Alaska. The beauty is beyond belief. The trees are heavily laden with snow and frost. It was -1 when I came to work this morning, and -3 when I went to lunch.

    • briangigee says:

      Dennis, keep your snow shoes handy and a fresh set of batteries nearby… you’ll be home before you know it and it will be Spring time again… be safe and know that you and your family remain in my prayers…

  2. I have re-read this piece a few times now and probably will again as I think you underestimated its value when you mentioned something like that fact that it wasn’t perfect…or something similiar in your text to me…nothing is perfect in my opinion…only in our perception of perfect does it exist…at least for me…so based on that internal philosophy many things for me can be perfect…hope I am making some sense here……keep up your writing…it means a lot of lots of us out here in cyberspace waiting to share your words XO Carla

  3. Carla Jean Wilkerson says:

    Aloha again from Kauai,

    Yes it is me one more time…as near a president of your fan club as anyone related to you can be!!! So enjoyed your newsletter and the NEW N WORD (s). I was and have been there so I know what you shared is oh so true. Uncle Bud passed along an open-minded, loving, humble, caring legacy and it shows up here today in your thought provoking message. Thanks for taking the time and courage to share such powerful thoughts and experiences!!! It is a simple reminder of how easily we can make choices that help eliminate separation. Sending you, Margo and your precious family much love, light, aloha and lots of NICE N words!!! Carla

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